Cardio Core & More

With Hoop Yourself Fit Workout DVD

Hoop your way to a tighter tummy with Empower’s Cardio Core & More customizable weighted hoop!

Burn as many calories as aerobics or running and have TWICE AS MUCH FUN. The Cardio Core & More hoop, weighing 3lbs, is an exhilarating total body, yet low impact, workout that will shake up your fitness routine!

Hoop your way into smaller jeans! Hoop along with Empower’s expert, Gin Miller, for a lighthearted workout that packs calorie combusting exercise with abdominal toning. Achieve maximum calorie burn by varying the color configuration of the hoop- changing the weight placement will challenge your muscles differently with each workout. As your skill level improves, move the pink sections around to make your workout more challenging— mix and match weighted and non-weighted sections to create three different workouts! The hoop will tone your entire body, strengthen your core, define your waistline, and burn fat and calories. Creative, fluid movement reshapes your waist, builds power in your core, and gets your heart pumping!

  • Hoop Yourself Fit workout DVD provides 3 workout options to customize your workout experience and was developed by fitness professional Gin Miller
  • Transferable weight hoop lets you mix and match weighted and non-weighted sections to create three different workouts
  • Soft, thick, foam padding for extra comfort while hooping
  • Snap-button connections easily disassembles into 6 pieces for storage or travel
  • Includes one 40-inch, 3lb, Cardio Core & More customizable weighted hoop, 45-minute DVD, and illustrated workout guide

“I got a Cardio Core and More Hoop the other month and LOVE it!! And I hate working out. I do the warm up, first two workouts and cool down and I've got a heck of a sweat going by the time I'm done.” Click here to see more of what Jill O. had to say!

Gin Miller is an award winning fitness expert with over 20 years experience and is best known as the innovative force behind the Step Aerobics revolution. “I create the Empower workout series to be fun, energetic routines that give today’s busy women a time efficient total body workout.”

Empower Cardio Core & More has been featured by Girls Gone Sporty and others! Click for more.

* As with most fitness hoops, this product may cause tenderness with first few uses

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